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SK Roof Truss

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  • (Big) - 73.5mm x 38mm x 6 meter,
  • (Medium) - 73.5mm x 30mm x 6 meter,
  • (Small) - 55mm x 25mm x 6 meter
* Other length can be requested

  • (Big) - Blue, Silver
  • (Medium) - Blue, Silver
  • (Small) - Silver

  • 0.7mm - 1.0mm



Product Overview

SK Building Sytem is committed to be a preferred supplier of premium quality roof Products and Services. In line with Malaysia's growth, we have embarked on the revolutionary and innovative 'SK Roof Truss System'

This System offers a superior alternative to conventional timber roof trusses and utilizes light gauge high tensile steel. It also supply package for new generation builders by offering all of the flexibility and design advantages over traditional timber truss.

SK Roof Truss is a steel roofing system that won't warp, twist, shrink, bend, crack and burn. it's galvanized light gauge material is impervious to other insects and other common problems.

We are committed to meet all our customer's 

The Revolutionary Roof Truss Concept - STRONG | STABLE | SECURE
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Gone are the days of timber 'Roof truss' which are susceptible to numerous problems, including wraping to termite attack. As new technology emerges with faster, stronger and more cost effective ways to build, the shift to 'STEEL' IS INEVITABLE.

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