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SK Roof Batten

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Product Overview

  • (Big) - 61mm x 99mm x 6 meter,
  • (Small) - 32mm x 65mm x 6 meter,
  • (XY Small) - 33mm x 62mm x 6 meter
* Other length can be requested

  • (Big) - Silver,
  • (Small) - Blue, Brown, Silver,
  • (XY Small) - Blue, Silver

  • 0.42mm - 0.80mm




SK Roof Truss - Batten System in light - weight high-tensile galvanised or zinc / Aluminium alloy - Coated Steel.

SK Roof Truss - batten details in accordance to manufacturer's drawings and instructions.

*Design And Built Services Are Provided When Required.

Why You Choose 'SK' Truss - Batten Series ?



  • Fire Resistant & Dimensionally Stable
  • Quality Control & Environmental - Friendly
  • Won't Shrink, Warp Crack, Sag or Rot.
  • Long Lasting & Cost Effective
  • Less Wastage as structure is custom - made to design
  • Roof top supported by strong steel trust, this my prevent distortion and leakage
  • Due to its light weight & Flexibility, therefore easy to shift and fix.
  • No Insect & Fungal Infection
  • High Buildability Score
  • No Staining and Brickwork
  • Reduces on-site Construction time
  • All waste is recycle cut off
Choice of Material

Truss - Batten of SK Steel Systems are designed to the following standards:


When you think Steel Roofing Systems, think Trustek, Quality Steel Products from 'SK'

SK New Truss Batten Series is using the high - tensile steel trusses in the roofing system to enhance the strength and durability of the overall roofing system. Compare to the conventional timber trusses. Sk New Truss Batten Series is specially designed from a variety of quality finised such as Zinc / Aluminium to maximise the safety & durability of the roofing system. In fact, Our product is customised for fast installation & cost effective ...

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