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High-Tensile Galvanised C Purlin

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Specifications and section Properties
The C-sections are normally used as simply supported. Sections of sufficient length may also be used continuously over two or more spans to reduce deflection.


Construction Details

Galvanised Steel C Sections

Upper lip of C Purlin should face upper slope. Outside lip of girts should face upward.

SK C Purlin

SK C Purlin is produced from Hi-Tensile galvanised steel. The technology used in cold roll forming process ensures stability and technology used in cold roll forming process ensures stability and accuracy in the dimensions and lengths.

The Purlins are supplied cut to length and pre-punched hole(s) to ease for design roofing, cladding supports and light weight framed structures.

Material Specification
Material Thickness : 1.6 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm
Steel Grade : High Tensile ASTM A446 Grade D
Yield Stress : 350~450 MPA (mm)
The following tolerences apply to C Purlin
Depth : ± 1mm
Flange Width
: ± 2mm
: ± 3mm
Hole Centres
: ± 1.5mm

System Provides The Customer with Quality Engineering Solutions Through Our Capabilities In : Design, Installation, Basic Structural System Components Storage and Handling : 

Sk C - Purlin should be kept dry during storage before used. They should be stacked clear of the ground with timbers sleepers and covered to prevent bundles from getting wet. If bundles become wet during transportation or storage of purlin must be separated and wiped ary with clean cloth as soon as possible. When lifting the C - Purlin during loading and unloading or when lifting onto the top of the building, care must be taken to prevent the bundles or loose pieces from dropping to the groad or banging the building.

Detail of Standard Tie Rod

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